Duke AHEAD Planting the Seeds of Mentorship (DAPSEM)

Duke AHEAD is proud to present, DAPSEM!

Networking and creative innovation can occur in the most unexpected places.

In the Leadership Challenge (2012) by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, CEO’s noted that “the most significant sources of innovative ideas are actually outside of the organization.”(IBM, Expanding the Innovation Horizons: The Global CEO Study 2006), p172.

Using the successful and unique Duke undergraduate mentoring activity Finvite as inspiration, Dr. Dzau agreed to support a similar project for Duke AHEAD. DAPSEM encourages and financially supports diverse groups of interprofessional and/or interdisciplinary participants to meet outside of the workplace to share experiences, conversation, and hopefully continued professional collaboration based on the unique activity.


1) Identify an activity, event, topic (see Table 1 for ideas) you wish to experience with colleagues.

2) Identify the mentoring group. Please consider forming an interprofessional group and include learners. Participants should be members of Duke AHEAD and may complete membership form here. At least two faculty and two mentees should be included in the group.

3) Request funds for the event up to $2000/event. Include explanation of how funds will be used.

Complete form online here. Approval from Duke AHEAD DAPSEM review committee is necessary before funds are released.



You will be asked to complete two brief surveys: one immediately following the event, and one six months later to assess mentoring and collaborations that may result and continue from this activity.

This is a unique mentoring activity so BE INNOVATIVE!!!

Suggested Activities:

 Athletic event


 outdoor activity

 Lemur Center


 food tour


 Duke Gardens


 historic site

 DPAC show

 Durham Farmers Market




 Duke Arts performance

 Dance performance


 Volunteer/Community Service