DASHE Vouchers

Introducing the next wave of Duke AHEAD support for our health professions educators.  ASPIRE (Achievement, Scholarship, Perseverance, Innovation, Resilience, Excellence) funds are available for our members for individual growth and faculty development as well as for interprofessional teams to promote wellness during this ever-changing landscape.

How it Works:  Individuals may request up to $2400 in support for services like executive coaching, editor services, DOCR support, and more.  Interprofessional groups may request up to $500 for teambuilding and wellness activities of their choosing – consider a group cooking class, a Yoga retreat, a Nasher Tour, a visit to the Lemur Center; be creative with your ideas! 


Applications are limited to one per person per cycle, with an overall limit of two vouchers over the life of program (includes those who have received previous DASHE awards).  Need to review the application before submitting?  Click here for a PDF of the application questions (please note there is branch logic which means all questions may not be applicable to your specific application).

Team Award: Need ideas for teambuilding activities?  Consider some group yoga sessions, massage chair rentals from Live for Life, a cooking class, a guided Nasher tour, or a visit to the Lemur Center.  DPAC shows, Escape Rooms, or any of our local museums!  At this time, ASPIRE team awards cannot be used to purchase food or alcohol.  While Duke AHEAD is happy to fund these activities, please note that we are not responsible for the planning and coordinator of these activities, and not liable for any issues that may arise with the planning of these events. 

Individual Award Services offered: 

Duke Office of Clinical Research Services:

DOCR employs and manages research-trained teams who can assist with a variety of project-related tasks, training development and professional development. Services are available to all researchers, including those conducting clinical, basic, and translational research.


Data Management

The RMT data team provides research database design, support and data management services. The team supports REDCap, a user-friendly EDC system developed by the Vanderbilt CTSA and available at Duke. REDCap enables researchers to collect and store data securely behind Duke’s firewall, with the convenience of an online user interface.

  • REDCap survey design and survey administration
  • REDCap database build and support
  • Data management (cleaning and coding)


The Training and Outreach team is staffed with research program leaders who assist study teams with the design and presentation of projects. The team provides services for investigators from the start to the end of a study or project.

  • Study planning and resource identification
  • Protocol development
  • Regulatory support/IRB submissions
  • Grant proposal preparation or review
    • Review of operational plan for individual grants (e.g., R and K mechanisms, foundations)
    • Assistance with development of conceptual models and figures for individual grants
    • Review of grant proposals for flow/organization
  • Publication and manuscript assistance
  • Project/program management

Duke Research at Pickett Services

The Duke Research at Pickett facility and service center is a free-standing, research-only facility with research staff, exam rooms, and conference room space available for outpatient and community-engaged research. Located at 3024 Pickett Rd. behind University Tower, the facility is just a few minutes from main Duke hospital and clinics, and provides free onsite parking and accessible ground level entry.

  • Exam and conference room space
  • Research Coordinator/Translator/Interpreter support

For DOCR services questions contact: 

Sue Budinger, Associate Director, Duke Office of Clinical Research  



Executive Coaching

Duke AHEAD (DASHE) is partnering with Dr. Judith Holder, an executive coach-psychologist to offer a DASHE Targeted Individual Leadership Refinement Coaching Package to enhancing your professional and personal development in your role as a health professions educator. These executive sessions are targeted around a defined area of interest with a specific number of sessions, a total of five sessions. For those selected, the Individual Targeted Coaching Package entails an initial consult, completion of coaching paperwork, a personality assessment and professional report, one or two assessments/worksheets as appropriate based upon area of interest and administrative time.

The DASHE Targeted Coaching Package supports DASHE faculty in such areas as:

  • Refining specific leadership skills and self-awareness
  • Improving communication and/or feedback (receiving and giving)
  • Enhancing conflict management skills in a specific area
  • Advancing one or two emotional intelligence competencies at work
  • Clarifying career-related direction
  • Refining self-awareness around impact on others in certain situations
  • Interpersonal effectiveness with a team member
  • Personal professional growth in managing diversity and inclusion issues
  • Becoming more effective in running meetings and interdisciplinary teams

Please note there are limited coaching seats available. The Targeted Coaching Package is to be used within a five-month period of time from the date of acceptance to maximize results. 

Travel Assistance 

Due to departmental funding restrictions on travel, Duke AHEAD will sponsor the cost of VIRTUAL registrations only. 

Editorial Services - DCRI Medical Communications Offerings

The DCRI Medical Communications group includes skilled science editors who provide support for editing and formatting a manuscript to journal specifications. Editors interact with authors to share drafts of manuscripts with coauthors and to incorporate their feedback; ensure that timelines are met; and gather all required disclosure and copyright information for journal submissions. Editors act on behalf of the authors to submit a manuscript that meets a journal’s requirements and to follow up with the journal regarding progress of the review and a decision. Manuscripts are followed and tracked from conception through all iterations to publication. The degree of involvement with several of these steps will vary by the author’s needs and preferences. Services include:

  • Review and correct text to ensure consistency among text, tables, and illustrations
  • Edit text to improve flow of information
  • Produce and review graphic illustrations for accuracy, layout, and appropriateness
  • Circulate drafts to coauthors and  other stakeholders
  • Incorporate changes and finalize manuscript for submission to journal
  • Submit to journal and follow up
  • Follow similar process for revisions
  • Review proofs, correct, and return to publisher
  • Track status of manuscripts
  • Remind authors of deadlines for publication

Ideal applicants will have a complete draft of a manuscript already written. These services are available to basic and clinical science faculty. An affiliation with DCRI is not required.

For Medical Communications Services Contact:

Liz Cook

Manager, Medical Communications, DCRI

elizabeth.cook@dm.duke.edu or (919) 668-5905

Education Research Commons

The Duke AHEAD Education Research Commons (ERC) provides consulting services for technical advice and guidance on methodological issues in conducting education research. These services include: education research design, data analysis, instrument/survey development and selection, and psychometric analyses.

Research Design

  • Based on your research question(s) ERC can help select the most suitable design to obtain meaningful results and meet research aims, and guide selection of an appropriate design and sampling strategy and sample size determination.

Data Analysis

  • Guidance on data analysis techniques for quantitate, qualitative, and mixed methods data, and interpretation of results.

Instrument/Survey Development and Selection

  • ERC can help identify appropriate instruments aligned with the research questions and project needs or develop and high quality instruments or surveys to measure the variables including instrument validation.

Psychometric Analyses

  • ERC can help you design validity studies to ensure you have appropriate evidence of measuring the variables you defined from an instrument you created, adapted or already existing instrument. ERC can also conduct psychometric scaling studies, designed to scale both people and items on a common metric, using item response theory.

For Education Research Commons Services Contact:


Jacqueline Brown Smith, EdD


Services that you don't see here, but you're interested in inquiring about?  Email Duke AHEAD .