Alison Clay, Fellow and Member


Tell us about yourself.

I am the new Assistant Dean for clinical education in the School of Medicine and former Capstone course director.  I am lucky enough to work with several colleagues from other schools in the interprofessional education clinic and in collaborations that include high fidelity simulation, the room of horrors, the Haunted Hospital, patient safety collaborations and several humanities sessions. 

Outside of work, I LOVE to ride the rolling hills of North Carolina on my lime green, bike machine (road bike) and I enjoy gardening.  

What do you hope to get out of Duke AHEAD?

Faculty development, improved scholarly activity, and in general, encouragement in my day to day work.

What can Duke AHEAD do for you?

Help you network!  In my division, I am one of the only people whose research and career include medical education and Duke AHEAD has helped me to meet others with similar interests.  Those individuals encourage me in my scholarly pursuits, share their innovations in curricular design and inspire me to get better each day.

Why did you join Duke AHEAD?

All of the above.