Beth Phillips, Member


Tell us about yourself.

Beth Cusatis Phillips, PhD, RN, CNE

Dr. Beth Cusatis Phillips is an associate professor at Duke University School of Nursing and is the Interim Director of the Institute for Educational Excellence.  Beth teaches in the ABSN and MSN programs.  She has extensive experience in medical-surgical and surgical-trauma ICU nursing and nursing education.  Phillips received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, her MSN from Duke, her BSN from East Carolina University, and her ADN from Waukesha County Technical Institute.  Beth’s research focus is on undergraduate nursing students and their clinical decision making abilities.  Beth is also interested in innovative teaching and learning strategies for nursing students and clinical instructor and faculty development and preparation.  

What do you hope to get out of Duke AHEAD?

I value the opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from other health disciplines.  Duke AHEAD provides avenues to do just that. 

What can Duke AHEAD do for you?

Continue to keep me/us informed of opportunities to meet, collaborate with, and develop new opportunities with interprofessional colleagues.

Why did you join Duke AHEAD?

As I said above, I have a strong desire to collaborate with others from the various health disciplines.  Our students need to learn ways to work together better so the more we learn, know, and demonstrate ways we can work together, the better chance our students will have to make and keep strong connections with other health care professionals.