An interprofessional group of faculty and staff from around Duke who come together to share best practices and current projects for social media use in academia, discuss how social media activities can be used for promotion or lead to promotion worthy activities, and how to harness social media to enhance interdisciplinary learning.

Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine
Clinical Professor in the School of Nursing
Program Coordinator
Nursing Program Manager Duke AHECSchool of Medicine
Professor of Pathology
Associate Professor of Medicine
Associate Professor in Family Medicine and Community Health
Associate Professor of Medicine

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AHEAD Members Inducted to American Academy of Nurses Class of Fellows

Duke AHEAD Fellow Dr. Jennie De Gagne and member Dr. Kathy Trotter were recently inducted as fellows in American Academy of Nurses.  Fellow selection criteria include "evidence of significant contributions to nursing and health care, and sponsorship by two current Academy fellows." Applicants are reviewed by a panel comprised of elected and appointed fellows, and selection is based, in part, on the extent the nominee's nursing career has influenced health policies and the health and wellbeing of all. Congratulations to Drs. De Gagne and Trotter!