Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for developing the initial criteria for becoming a member of Duke AHEAD.  The membership committee is currently working to define the "Distinguished Member" criteria as well as setting standards for general membership.   


Nicholas Hudak

Associate Professor - Track IV in Community and Family Medicine

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March 23, 2017 - 2:20 pm

As Pat Thibodeau, Associate Dean for Library Services & Archives, prepares to retire at the end of March, she leaves a rich legacy of innovation, collaboration, and mentorship. During her entire career and twenty-four-year tenure at Duke, the medical and library professions have both undergone many changes and faced many challenges, yet Pat has admirably led and guided the Duke Medical Center Library & Archives into the digital age. Under her leadership, the library has pushed forward and not only survived, but also thrived and grown to become an important leader in the field.