Kyle Covington

Associate Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Duke University School of Medicine DPT
Duke AHEAD role:
  • Steering Committee Member
(919) 684-1845

Dr. Covington is a neurologic physical therapist and 2004 graduate of the Duke DPT Program. He joined the faculty in 2007 and served as the Associate Director of Clinical Education from 2007-2014.  During that time he led  DPT Clinical STEPs® (Student Team Experience in Practice) course series in the first six semesters of the curriculum which places teams of students in clinical practice during their course work.  The creation of this new clinical education curricular format included significant educational program planning, assessment and evaluation.   In 2015, Dr. Covington completed his PhD in Educational Research and Policy Analysis at North Carolina State University.  Study emphases included adult learning theory, educational program planning and assessment.  In 2015 Dr. Covington was named the Duke DPT Program's Director of Assessment and Evaluation.  In addition, Dr. Covington's experience as a neurologic PT is utilized in the classroom during our Foundational Examination and Neurologic Practice Management Course work. Dr. Covington's research interests in collaborative student learning, and professional development of physical therapists and their embodied use of movement in expert practice.  

Duke Ahead Involvement

Member Spotlight

Tell us about yourself.

I’m in my seventh year on the DPT faculty, where my primary responsibilities include managing the first two years of our Clinical STEPs® program.  This is an integrated clinical education curriculum that places teams of students with clinical educators in practice.  The curriculum was built around our TBL didactic curriculum.   I also am a Duke DPT graduate myself and am in the candidacy phase of my PhD studies at North Carolina State University’s  Educational Research and Policy Analysis program.   Clinically I’m a board certified specialist in neurologic physical therapy and practice each week in the interdisciplinary Neuromuscular Disorders Clinic.  

Why did you join Duke AHEAD?

I joined Duke AHEAD because I saw it as an excellent opportunity to network with educators across the health system.  Our educational practices are so diverse and expansive here at Duke, that I am excited to have an organization like Duke AHEAD that will help those of us with passions in education to work with and learn from each other.  I think Duke AHEAD will provide these opportunities, and I wanted to be a part to that.  

What do you hope to get out of Duke AHEAD?

Collaboration, mentoring, and enhancement of best practices in health professions education.  We can learn so much from each other and we have a great deal to share with the world about the education things that are happening at Duke in the education of health professionals.   I see Duke AHEAD as a great avenue for mentoring each other in our vital roles as educators of future health professionals.  I hope Duke AHEAD will provide a structure and opportunities for educators to work together to produce high quality educational research that demonstrates the importance of best practice in education.    

What can Duke AHEAD do for you?

As  I complete my PhD work in the next year, Duke AHEAD will be a valuable organization to help me progress in the next phase of my career.  I have interests in educational research and assessment as they relate to physical therapist training, and inter professional education.  I see Duke AHEAD as a prime opportunity to connect me with fellow educational researchers across the institution.  Additionally, I am excited about the opportunities for furthered mentoring and support.  


September 2, 2021 - 2:25 pm

Duke AHEAD is proud to announce the 2021 cohort of Distinguished Members of Duke AHEAD. 

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Other Professional Activity


Education and Training

  • Ph.D., North Carolina State University (2015)
  • D.P.T., Duke University (2004)