Health Professions Education Certificate Committee

Duke AHEAD offers a Certificate in Health Professions Education & Teaching. This 12 month program accepts up to 12 faculty, professional staff, or fellows from the School of Nursing, Physical Therapy Program, Physician Assistant Programs, School of Medicine, Duke University Health System, and Professors of the Practice of Medical Education to participate.  The program is built around the Duke AHEAD educator competencies and the objectives are to support Faculty Development for health professions education, engage in an innovative educational project based on departmental or school need,
produce an environment in which interprofessionals work and learn collaboratively, develop a community of core faculty who could serve as educational resources for other faculty, and prrovide mentorship to developing educators. Apply now here:


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February 8, 2018 - 12:40 pm

The 2017 cohort of the Certificate in Health Professions Education & Teaching program celebrated the completion of the program with a reception